Teaching Philosophy

I have come to understand data and statistics as tools to unearth knowledge that can empower people to think and perhaps respond differently in the world. Fundamentally I view statistics education as an opportunity to teach and learn how to become better stewards of information; that is, people who are thoughtful producers and consumers of data and evidence, who exhibit transparency and integrity in communication of findings, who think critically about data ethics, and who harness data to make informed decisions. My desire as a statistics educator is that students will leave my courses being more curious about the world, less anxious (e.g. about math or coding), and better equipped to be critical thinkers and responsible problem-solvers in a data-saturated world.

Some highlights of my teaching experience and training can be found below.

Experience & Training

Some Highlights


Teach statistics courses in the Department of Mathematics, Physics, & Statistics

Co-designed Northwestern’s Introductory Statistics curriculum and co-authored the textbook.

Taught Introduction to Social Statistics and Data Literacy at the Cook County Department of Corrections

Year-long professional development and pedagogical training program